The latest things that have happened in 6th grade at Voorheesville Middle School.

Character Day!

On October 31st, 6th grade celebrated the Middle School’s annual character day. Each student dressed up as someone significant from history. Their characters had to be people that might be relevant to this year’s social studies curriculum. Because 6th grade covers global history, there were thousands of interesting historical figures to choose from. In enrichment class, students researched their people, brainstormed costume ideas, and wrote a short speech. On the 31st, the students delivered their speeches, in character.

character day 2018 3.jpg
character day 2018 2.png
Daniel Chaize
Paper Plane Experiments in Science


In science class, students have been experimenting with different paper plane designs, attempting to figure out why some fly farther than others. Through doing this, they're also learning about the importance of experimental design. As they've created each generation of planes, they've been more and more careful about how they conduct each round of experiments. By doing so, they've arrived at more concrete answers.

Daniel Chaize