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Not counting its famous big rings, Saturn has a circumference of 365,882 kilometers.

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Saturn has a volume of 827,129,915,150,897 cubic kilometers, making it the second largest planet (behind Jupiter).

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Like Jupiter, Saturn's mass is very large: 568,319,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 kilograms.

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Made of very light elements, Saturn's density is only 0.68 grams per cubic centimeter. This means it would float in water!

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Saturn has a gravitational pull of 10.4 meters / seconds squared, which is only slightly higher than Earth's.

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Rotation Period

Like Jupiter, Saturn spins very quickly. It completes a rotation every 10.6 hours.

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Revolution Period

It takes Saturn 29.4 earth years to revolve around the Sun. That's nearly 30 years between birthdays!

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Saturn, and its rings, are tilted at 26.7 degrees. 

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Like the other gas giants, Saturn is far from the Sun and is, therefore, cold. The average temperature is -178 degrees Celsius.