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Even though it's not as big as Jupiter or Saturn, Uranus is still giant with a circumference of 159,354 kilometers. 

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The volume of Uranus is 68,334,355,695,584 cubic kilometers. 

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If we put Uranus on a balance, it would have a mass of 86,810,300,000,000,000,000,000,000 kilograms.

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Uranus has a total density of 1.27 grams per cubic centimeter - just a little more dense than liquid water.

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Even though Uranus has a lot of mass, it's gravity is actually less than Earth, at 8.87 meters per square second. This is because the "surface" of Uranus is far from its center of mass.

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Rotation Period

Uranus rotates every 17.2 hours, but because of its tilt, its rotation doesn't cause day and night to change.

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Revolution Period

Far out in the solar system, it takes Uranus 84 earth years to revolve around the Sun. This means one side stays frozen and dark for more than forty years at a time.

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Uranus is unique in that it's tipped over on its side 97.8 degrees. From our perspective, it's sideways.

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Over a billion miles from the Sun, Uranus is cold, averaging a temperature of -216 degrees Celsius.